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Desmond Low
Real Estate

Welcome to my space!


I'm Desmond Low, realtor from Propnex Realty, the largest real estate agency in Singapore. 

I have been very active and well versed in the investment segment, especially the Central Business District properties for many years..

Desmond Low

"I have amassed  a wealth of experiences helping our clients to maximize the performance of their portfolio. "

"Buying a property right now is the  best opportunity in your life time"


"The best thing about real estate investment is that you do not need a lot of money to begin with."

"I love the challenges of getting the best deal for our client and the moment of  affirmation when we see the satisfaction on their face."  

"Property investment helped many property owners retire better and earlier."

"Many property owners are facing situations, where their rental yield is low and some unable to get their targeted selling price."

"My 4 years of study with NTU allows me to have an in depth understanding on internet and digital marketing."


"The correct property purchased, will be a good property investment" 


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Desmond achieved the TOP 5% producer in the
Largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore. 

Buying the first property is a VERY CRUCIAL step, the right decision will set you a good edge ahead of your peers.

And a bad decision
will do the reverse.


We plan and think through all perspective with our clients before making the decision


Most started with one

Some have the knowledge and capability to grow their property portfolio. 

We helped some grow their portfolio, with passive income and capital gains

Some clients already have a property portfolio, when we first met, we helped to manged and ensure continuous growth 


When to do it

How to do it

Long term investments

Maintaining a long term business with my clients is my strong belief. Purchasing your property is just the first step.

Property investment is a long term investment

I take pride in my work & always do my best to ensure the best of my client's interest.

Desmond Low Property
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