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About Us

Desmond started out his career from the City Fringe and Central Business District properties in Singapore in year 2013. Despite going through tough challenges as a string of major cooling measures were introduced in the early 2010s, he managed to achieve success in the high end segment in the CBD within his first few months in the business and has achieved consistent results since then.

Proficient in handling clients' high network real estate portfolios, he has helped many seasoned investors including foreign investors, HDB upgraders, En-Bloc Owners reinvest into High potential Real estate portfolios in Singapore.


Desmond's aim is to provide their clients the best possible experience and service. Being property investors himself, he is able to provide sound advice to his investors.


Desmond is driven by his motto, "CHANGING YOUR LIFE" as he believes that investing in real estate will be the finest opportunity and life changing decision in anyone's life. 


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