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Testimonial Desmond Low Jackson Ho Propn

Property Investor

Mr & Mrs Tan

"My husband & I were on a property hunt for quite some time. We gathered many different opinions from many real estate agents during the search but none of their recommendations seemed right for us, or I guess we were not really convinced.

Just about when we were about to give up the search, we were referred to Desmond & Jackson via a close friend. We were pretty impressed by their knowledge and recommendations as they ran through facts and figures and advised us against buying with emotion as we were initially looking out for a unit in a prime location that has amazing views. 

After the informative session, we realized that there are still good opportunities in the market and soon committed to our first investment property with these 2 great lads. We are very pleased with the experience and believe we are on the right track of wealth building!"

Testimonial Desmond Low Jackson Ho Propn

"My wife & I were very pleased on Desmond & Jackson's professionalism and remarkable efforts for both the sale and purchase of our homes. They were really patient and did not rush into concluding both the sale and purchase. We were ready to accept an offer from a prospective buyer but they kindly advised us to hold for a better price and we eventually managed to fetch a price of $100,000 higher just a few weeks later!

They also spent time and effort to draw up different proposals specifically designed to cater to our needs. With their detailed planning, both of us really had peace of mind and it turned out to be a really smooth transition. Thumbs up!" 

Mr & Mrs Yeo

Home Buyer

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